Big news for stock market investors, the new rule will take effect on September 1

The rules for margins for ordinary investors in the stock market will change from September 1. Simply put, investors will no longer be able to reap the margin benefits from a broker. The amount of money they will now give to the broker as an upfront margin will be the same as buying shares. In the stock market, regulator SEBI has redefined margin trading. So far the role of investors in the place system has been less and that of brokerage houses more. Who did a lot of work from investors. And they were marking the clearing house pledge. This will prevent the stock from going into the broker’s account. You will have the right to decide the margin.

Let us know all the things connected with it.

Brokers are not required to take a margin upfront from investors
The client’s power of attorney will be rock solid.
Brokers will now have the right to transact with the client.
Cannot use power of attorney even if margin is pledged
Margin borrowers will be able to pledge margins separately.
Earlier it was inevitable to take a margin upfront.
Under the new rule, investors will have to pay at least 30 per cent margin upfront.

New rules of escort security

Now margins are inevitable in the cash segment.
Now advance margin will be required either way, then you trade in intraday or delivery. Delivery sales will require an advance margin for the trade.
If the shares are paid Early on the same day, the sale of the shares will be treated as a supplement to the margin. Early pay for the shares we have in POA.
BTST traders will need margins from both buying and selling.
If proper margin is not available on T day, margin penalty will be levied. Even if the full amount is paid against the debit on T + 1 day, if the margin remains low on T day, a penalty will be levied.

Exposure will not be allowed on the shares held in the DP account of the customer under PO.
If the customer does not trade for one year, he will need to repay. Therefore, decide to trade at least once from your account.

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