Accident between Rajkot city police commissioner’s car and bike coming from Agandhinagar, death of the bike driver…

A biker coming from Gandhinagar with Rajkot city police commissioner Manoj Agarwal’s car had an accident near Sanand. The biker was killed in the accident.

Manoj Agarwal immediately called 108 after the accident and rushed the biker to the hospital. The car was badly damaged in the crash, but the driver and police commissioner were not injured.

An elderly biker was killed in a head-on collision with a car
Talking to DivyaBhaskar, Ahmedabad district police chief Virendra Yadav said that Rajkot police commissioner’s car had met with an accident in the morning.


An elderly man was riding his bike near Sanand when he was hit by a vehicle. The police commissioner himself called 108 and informed the police. An elderly biker later died while being taken to hospital for treatment.

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