August 27 Horoscope: On Thursday, Pisces will believe in karma instead of fortune, will get a new source of income


Positive: – Today you will experience full confidence and energy inside you. Spend time hanging out with friends and having fun.

Negative: – Wrong deeds will increase the cost. A friend may need help with money. The children will be worried about anything.

Occupation: – Your emphasis will be on employees in the workplace.

Love: – Husband-wife relationship will be sweet.

Health: – Don’t get too angry.



Positive: – Your whole focus will be on strengthening economic activities. There will also be plans for home improvement. If you follow the rules of things, you will get the right result.

Negative: – Be careful when lending money to someone of the opposite sex. As such, the chances of getting the rupee back are very low.

Occupation: At this time you will not be able to concentrate in the workplace.

Love: – There can be a dispute with your spouse about something.

Health: – Health will be fine.


Gemini: –

Positive: – Tired of everyday life, today you will spend your time in relaxation and art related activities. Using your secret talents you will re-energize within you.

Negative: – Sometimes negative thoughts may arise in your mind and you also need to maintain a good relationship with your uncle’s brother.

Occupation: – Success will be achieved in partnership related tasks.

Love: – The family atmosphere will be well maintained.

Health: – Pay more attention to meditation and yoga.



Positive: – Work from the heart in anticipation of the heart. Your sources of income will improve. And economic activity will improve. Don’t rush into making any plans.

Negative: – Deciding emotionally will be detrimental to you. Wrong costs can also be higher at this time.

Business: – If you are planning to start a new job then time is good.

Love: – In case of any kind of confusion, the advice of your spouse will maintain your self-confidence.

Health: – Negativity can prevail.



Positive: – Swami Suryadev of Leo zodiac sign is giving you full energy and confidence by sitting in your zodiac sign. The planetary position at this time is completely benevolent in your favor.

Negative: – Sometimes your ego and overconfidence will separate you from society. It is also important to keep an eye on the child’s activities and company.

Occupation: – Do not partner with anyone today.

Love: – There can be a little stress with the partner.

Health: – Joint pain can be a problem.


Girls: –

Positive: – Most of your time today will be spent in outdoor activities. Contact with a few new people will also be established. There will be an opportunity to go to a religious event at the home of a close relative.

Negative: – Keep the wrong friendship inside as you will get nothing but loss. Do not have too much control over the offspring.

Occupation: – Family business can be promoted.

Love: – Spouse will have full cooperation in maintaining family arrangement.


Libra: –

Positive: You are working hard to achieve your ambitions and you will succeed. Your full attention will also be on strengthening the financial position.

Negative: – The youth class does not use any wrong path in the desire to get rich quick. Be patient and finish your work.

Business: – If you are planning to do something new related to your current business, think about it.

Love: – Spouse collaboration will help you in many tasks.

Health: – Drive with caution.


Scorpio: –

Positive: – Today you will be able to accomplish any task with your Chanakya policy. The economic situation will be better maintained. Take full advantage of these relationships.

Negative: – Any issue related to the old stories of the past may arise again. Which will increase stress.

Occupation: – The cooperation of the elders of the house can solve many of your problems.

Love: – Family atmosphere will be normal.

Health: – It is necessary to be hygienic.


Dhan: –

Positive: – Your idealistic and limited nature will maintain your respect in the society. Your attention will be keen to know in depth anything related to spirituality.

Negative: – Negative influence of children and activities can cause trouble. Your source of income will be maintained at this time.

Business: – Business activities will continue to run properly.

Love: – Expecting too much from your relatives can cause you some trouble.

Health: – There is a possibility of any kind of allergy or infection.


Capricorn: –

Positive: – It will be helpful for you to plan ahead before doing anything. Good news will be received for those who want to go abroad.

Negative: – Sometimes over-thinking can lead to significant achievements. This can lead to stress at home.

Business: – Keep trying to change the business you are trying to bring.

Love: – Disputes can arise between husband and wife over domestic problems.

Health: – Be hygienic and get yourself treated properly.


Aquarius: –

Positive: – You will get bored with daily activities and spend time in your art and sports related interests. Today most of your time will be spent outside the home.

Negative: – It is necessary to pay attention to the arrangement of the house at this time. Your negligence can distract children from studying.

Business: – Your business contacts and marketing will get new projects in the business.

Love: – Husband and wife will not be able to give time to each other due to being busy with their own affairs.

Health: – Cough, fever and sore throat will be a problem.


Mean: –

Positive: – Believing in karma in anticipation of destiny will give you achievements. Through which your destiny will be strengthened. New sources of income will be received.

Negative: – It is very important for you to control your anger at this time. Your relationship with the mama party can be sour.

Occupation: – Success will be achieved in business related to public dealing and education.

Love: – There will be concern about the health of the spouse.

Health: – Bile related problems can occur.

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