Download and Install These are 11 home made Remedies are in the very useful

Download and Install These are 11 home made Remedies are in the very useful

These are 11 home made Remedies are in the veritably useful 

The stylish home remedies for any disease remain. Whether it’s the headache or a high BP in a problem. Spices used in a home cuisine come in a handy in a every time. There are veritably many a people currently who can be a pass manual fashions. But a Motor, if we can talk about a old times, our grand parents would be spend their whole life counting on this.

દિવાળી પગાર બાબતના સમાચાર વાંચો

You can also a pass in this home made a form we are showed. Which is veritably useful. But if you’re have a any problem with in this form, leave it’s the incontinently.

Because are not a everything in the suits in a everyone. So then are some are useful in the home in a remedies.


Menstrual in a cramps- Squeeze to a 2- 3 failures in a glass of the cold water and in the drink it’s a diurnal to get a relief.

Severe  to the headache –

Peel an a apple and the grate it. Mix to a little swab in it and the eat it’s on an a empty stomach in the morning.

Flatulence- Mix to a1/4 tablespoon of the baking soda pop in a water and the drink

Sore in the throat- pustule a 2- 3 basil are leaves in a water and in the wash with in that water.

headache will be a relieved are incontinently.

આંખને સંબંધિત

આનુવંશિક રોગો

આંખ, નાક,અને ગળુ

એલર્જી સંબંધિત

કિડની વિષે

કેન્સર સંબંધિત

જન્મજાત બહેરા-મુંગા બાળકો સંબંધિત

ચામડીના રોગ સંબંધિત

દાંત વિશેની માહિતી

પોષણ સંબંધિત

ફેફસા સંબંધિત

મગજને સંબંધિત

કાલ્પનિક ભય વિશે


લીવર સંબંધિત

શરીરના અંગો સાથે સંકળાયેલ રોગો                                  

સુક્ષ્માંણુંથી થતા રોગો


ડાયાબિટીસમાં અંકુશ

હાડકા સંબંધિત


હ્રદય સંબંધિત


still, apply to a little bomb juice on in the papule area at the night in a while a resting, If you have a pustules on your face. Acne will stay till morning.

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