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Reverse Train of Admission from Private School to Government School Vijay Rupani »The new education policy can bring a hundred percent change in the life of a child, not of the party, but of India, if one strives for the achievement of one’s goal.  New National Education Policy Policy: Regarding Bhupendrasinh Chudasama 2020, the Governor said.  Navgujarat time  Ahmedabad that, students become knowledgeable and skilled with the latest technology on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, stay connected with the state and the original culture of the state’s best teacher with his state level award.  Education was in the policy.  Chief Minister Vijay was honored with a letter of commendation at the event.  Has fallen.  Rupani, the Chief Minister of the state, said that for the successful implementation of the new education policy, the request from government schools to private schools to equip their teachers first has become better.  Now done when considering a career from private school.  Education Minister Bhupendrasinh The reverse teacher community of admission in government schools is not “self”, but the trend of congratulating teachers has started in Chudasama.  Governor Devvarta, after giving education and initiation after considering all, said that the society has told us that Acharya is building the nation by building a future generation from a different point of view and not by building palaces or buildings.  A new education policy has been announced, Gujarat hopes to take the lead in implementing it first by giving education to students with changes but in the school classroom, it is done with perfect humanitarian education.  The state teachers have to do special for that.  The new education policy is the responsibility of the state on the occasion of a teacher’s day.  Governor Acharyadevvarte is not the policy of the party, but of India.  The teacher congratulated the winning teachers on the excellence of their work – that is why he said from the State Honors Teacher Award for National Education Policy, if the teacher has declared as honest.
In the rit with the demand of colleges fees, 9 more hearings »Other states have been reduced to 30% in the following, the flexible advocate Ronith Joeya, which has been reduced by the bridge forum for all over the highcourt. He said, “We should meet the High Court in Gujarat, focus on the Madras High Court command. In which Navjujular time> Ahmedabad has been ordered to reduce 30% fees to the colleges in the feet of corona. The state’s private schools are now not as much as 70% of the 70% fees, with 40% of the current and reduced demand, the application of the decline in the High Court has also been relieved after 30%. In which chief justice of the High Court has occurred. If students of other states have this record Nath and Justice JB. The company can be found in the crisis of Pardyla, the University Grant Commission, the number of fees, if there is a fee regulatory, then the students of Gujarat state colleges should also be relieved by getting information about the committee, including the committee. Colleges ordered to present fees. There is also a charge for many facilities, including Jim, WiFi and Library Hearing, which takes charge of this case. In this writ, the introduction in which the fees that are in the present circumstances are students that are not given in other states in the following of Corona’s epidemic. These features are currently relieved of reduction from 30% in the current colleges fees. So when the salary and college maintenance costs are being given, then the colleges can also decline in the fees of the students of Gujarat. So the fee regulatory authority should be ordered to give UGC and wake.
In order to reduce the contract based in contractual appointment, the kind of status has been made due to many epidemic after retirement, the officials have been reinforced by Nimaia Ta. Lee July for one year, Navijujhat’s time after Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad is an appointment of the contract based after the agreement. Due to this kind of age decision on technical places, after the decision of the contract based appointment, the CASG officer – the contract in different departments in the different departments, including given employees, has been announced to decrease all of the 30%. Due to this announcement of the officials of the officials, due to this announcement of education, this salary will be replenished by 30% in different departments, for next year from July. The importance of all that previously engaged in the salary, 30 government will cut different percentage of education. In the sections, the departments of the retired state government after 62 years, the officials of the retired and non-none of the technical and non-non-nourishment in the sections, were also able to retire the circulars for those who have not returned to the circulars. Relaxed in contract based jobs, including KCG, retired in sections. Currently the corona has been returned.

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