New Edu.  With the implementation of the policy, the suspension of whether there will be a council or not will have to be dissolved before the Higher Education Council comes into existence in Gujarat.  It was also announced that all the universities in the state would be in the education provided by the Chief Minister as President in the Council and a Chairperson would be appointed three years ago to bring uniformity in the Executive Council.  Was made to do.  The council, however, has declared the student against the formation of the council in the appointment of certain appointees in the new education policy after the approval of the legislature before the council came into operation.  Was.  The appointment of the chairperson was to be done in the organizations, educational institutions and in the new education policy.  The council was full of NGOs protesting.  Even before the new changes came into existence, the government has passed a bill to declare a higher education policy in the state.  In this situation the situation has now arisen by announcing the formation of the Council of Ministers.  Thus, there is also suspense on the issue of whether the government will stay or go.  Was.  The structure of higher education in the state of higher education was announced three years ago after the formation of the council.  The formation of the council in the name of development, which was announced by the council and the executive council, had to be dissolved before it could be clarified that there would be two bodies. There was a huge controversy in the education world.  had been done .  Which body has that condition.
After the government’s order, the administrator will not get the benefit of Rs. November after 31st fees by October 31, NaviGujarat time will not get the benefit of the fees, unless the Ahmedabad Administrator’s congregation will be waived and does not take this fee. But the rupee does not take place. The 25% of the fees of the fees offered in the state of the apology, announced the fiudical school administrator from March, and the guardians are closed and still when the schedules are not released by the government’s order by the government’s order, no clarification of the government will be 50% by October It has been said that the advice of fees helped the guardians in the corona position that the guardians are relieved. However, despite the government for these administrators, the government has been impossible for the schools, the advice increases the fees this year, if the guardians take the fees for the fees, despite the mandate order by October 31, taking the fees from June to October to take the fees from June to October. Besides, only 50 percent fees by the benefit of 25% fee for them. | Me attitude until the schools will be closed. If the guardians remain in the waste of 31 October, until the fee forgiveness, the fee for October, only 5% fee for October was announced. Fee has decided to give 25% of the guardian guardians. However, the administrators will be given the benefit of fees for fees in the High Court and went to the next days after this decision and not the judgment in their favor. Apart from this, the High Court has any additional to the fee waived fee for the government after the fees were likely to meet the fixed re-dispute. Apart from this, the government asked to make a decision for this year. The state’s teaching minister has not taken the announcement by the administrator’s body, not to take advertising from the fees of fees of fees, which fees, which are not in school. When doing that, 25 in the current academic year 25 has been decided.
Rit rejected by the Personal Interview’s score for admission in IM – P.P.P. Navjujular time> Ahmedabad emphasis is placed and 50% marks are kept, which is wrong. Since the High Court’s single-judge rejected the personal interview’s application for admission to the student’s course, the student appealed to the Division Appeal Hycour Justice Vikragon Bench against the single judge order challenging the number of score. In which Chief Nath and Justice JB Kadevala, know the entrance process, Justice Vikram Nath and Justice JB. The bench has rejected. Take part in it and the part of the Parradavla, giving such judgment in the court failing to give a ruling of an extended High Court, “Single noted,” The whole thing is not going to be single: Hycourt JJ IIM entry into Single Judge that can not be presented by that, in which we wanted to intervene, is fulfilled that is not allocated for the personal interview. At the issue of presented case, the policy applicant is the number of 50 percent of the students IIM-Ahmedabad. The entry process with education was completely aware and unconstitutional. “The role of court role and its standards in the involved issues are also very clear of the CAT (Common Enterence Test). If the question was to know the educational. It knows everything – if the 110th of the Understanding Examination is subject to 110 Morning, the court should keep a student from his hand after he took part in the entry process. If the law provision was and it failed. If you do not have access to the whole Ahmedabad or interpret the principle, then the process, standards, etc. were knocked after the Hycourt’s gate knocked. In which the court can interfere with that issue. Participate in the presenting process and its main submission was that in the entry case, Raghav Sanjoy Gupta, after failing the youth of Roghov, writ the applicant in the High Court in the High Court in the High Court.

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