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Fitter is a Mechanical  Group trade in ITI which you can learn about all items related to metal, Machining of a job(Piece of metal) and also get knowledge about measurement and cutting tools – equipment. … In industries there are wide range of requirement for fitter passout ITI students.

Within this 2-year course, you are given such knowledge so that you can work with any kind of fitting.

Pipe fittings, Machine fitting, and structure fittings are the main working areas, on which a fitter works.

Fitter Trade Semester-1 Module-1 Saftey

This Quiz is regarding to Fitter trade semester -1(Saftey) these is multiple type question was ask old ncvt & scvt exam.this mock test has 20 Questions & is useful to other computer trade students also. Please Like & Share

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Fitter Semester-3 Quiz


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Flammable of liquifiables solids are classified
as. | ज्वलनशील लिक्विडेबल ठोस को वगीकृित किया जाता हे
जािा है।

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Name the mandatory symbol. | इस अनिवार्य
प्रतीक का नाम बताये

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Which one is the personal safety? | व्यक्तिगि
सुरक्षा कौन सी है?

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What is the colour code for plastic waste
bin? | प्लाक्स्टक कचरा बीन के लिये कलर कोर्ड कया है?

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What is the process of breaking down the
materials into organic compounds and can be used
as manure? | जैविक कंपाउंड में मटीरीअल को तोडने की
प्रकिया कया है जिसे खाद के रूप में इस्तेमाल किया जाता हे

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What A denotes in ABC of first aid? |
प्राथलमक चिककत्सा के एबीसी में कया दर्शाता है?

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Which fire extinguisher is used for
flammable and running liquid fire? | ज्वलनशील और
बहनेवाले तरल आग के लीए किस अग्निशामक यंत्र का
उपयोग कीया जाता है?

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What is the kind of road sign? | यह रोर्ड साइन
किस तरह का है?

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What is the colour code of bins for waste
paper segregation? | बेकार कागज अलगाव केललए
डर्डब्बे(त्रबन्स) का कलर कोर्ड कया ह

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What does the symbol denotes? | यह प्रतीक
क्या दर्शंता है?

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What is the first step of avoiding accident in
work place? | कायशस्थल पर दुघर्टना से सबसे पहला बचने का
कदम कया है?

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What is the period referred as golden
hours? | गोल्र्डन आवर्स की अवधी को क या कहा जाता है?

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What are the three factors causes fire? |
आग लगने के तीन मुख्य कारण कया हैं?

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What is the name of sign? | इस चिह्न का
नाम कया है?

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How to stop bleeding of injured person? |
घायल व्यक्ति के रतिस्राव को कैसे रोकें?

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Which comes under mechanical occupational
hazards? | कौन सा यांत्र व्यावसाईक खतरो के
अंंतर्गत आता है?

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Which fire extinguisher filled with carbon
tetra chloride and bromochlorodifluoromethane
(BCF)? | कार्बन टेट्राकलोराइर्ड और ब्रोमोकलोरोडर्डफ्लोरो
मीथेन (BCF) से भरा हुआ कौन सा अक्ननशामक यंत्र है?

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What is the class of fire caused by fire wood,
paper, cloth? | लकडी की अक्नन, कागज, कपडेके
कारण लगी आग किस कलास के अंर्तगत आती है-

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Name the warning sign. | इस चेतावनी प्रतीक
का नाम बिाएं।

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Which is the immediate life saving
procedure? | तत्काल जीवन रक्षक प्रकिया कौन सी ह

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What students learn during the ITI fitter course-

The fitter course gives a sound knowledge of different types of fittings.

the course starts with the basic safety measures and further gives subject knowledge. 

Simple marking out, filling, heat tempering, lathe work, drilling, grinding, different types of bolts fittings and others.

Who should Join the ITI fitter course?

Students whose interest is about the machine, who enjoy working on the machine, should do this course.

Apart from this, for students who want to get technical knowledge by paying a low fee in a short time, which can give them a good job and a good career, then it is also a great course for them.


  • Sanitary hardware fitter
  • Marine Fitter
  • Boiler Fitter
  • Electrical Fitter
  • Marine Engineering Fitter
  • Fitter General

Eligibility for ITI Fitter-

Any student of class X can join the ITI Fitter course. If any student wants to join this course after 12th, then he must have Maths and Science Subject in Twelfth.

If the percentage of the tenth is above 40, then there will be no problem, basically passing the 10th class is the criterion.

Your 10th can be from any recognized state board or CBSE board, no matter where you have done 10th, in the admission.

Students of at least 14 years of age can join this course and the maximum age limit is 40 years.

Physical ability 

It is a mechanically related branch and you have to work physically with the help of tools. Therefore, it is necessary for the students doing this branch to be physically fit so that they can do the fitting work correctly and safely.

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