Here Are 5 Side Effects of Amla, if You Don’t Eat by Mistake at This Time, You Will Be in Trouble

Amla is a good source of fiber. On the one hand, if adequate intake of fiber relieves constipation, constipation can be exacerbated if more fiber is taken. Not only that, he does not have constipation problem and if he takes too much fiber, he can become addicted to constipation. Also, stomach and abdominal cramps can be a problem.

Amla dilutes the blood

Amla has anti-platelet properties so if eaten too much amla can dilute the blood and prevent the process of blood clotting.

When we are injured or the skin is cut, the blood stops due to blood clots. If the blood becomes thin, the blood will not clot. Those who have any disease of Blindig should not eat Amla even by mistake.

Do not eat amla in low blood sugar

Many researches have shown that Amla can treat diabetes because it has anti-diabetic effects that lower blood glucose levels. But if a person has a problem with low blood sugar and is also taking medication for it, then such a person should not eat Amla. This is because Amla will further lower their blood sugar levels, which can lead to hypoglycemia in a person.

Do not eat amla even during pregnancy

There is no scientific evidence that eating amla causes any problems during pregnancy. But the fact that it is completely safe to eat amla during pregnancy has not been proven to date. So it is better for pregnant women to consult their doctor before taking Amla. In addition, overeating can cause constipation and diarrhea.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

Amla has a cooling effect and lowers body temperature. Therefore, if amla is consumed in cold conditions, it may worsen the symptoms rather than improve them. So, in case of cold and flu, take Amla in the form of Triphala. When amla is drunk as triphala powder with hot water and honey, it does no harm.

Updated: February 6, 2021 — 8:08 am

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