Home Learning Daily Video 19 October 2020  std 1 to 12

Home Learning Daily Video 19 October 2020  std 1 to 12

In a first, so as to extend legal literacy among Indians, a start-up incubated at Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) will offer free online courses on generic issues. The courses are going to be offered by The Law Learners (TLL), incubated at GNLU’s legal incubation centre. It aims to acquaint everyone with the laws during a new thanks to make it accessible, simple and comprehensible for everybody .

In its initial stage, TLL, founded by Devansh Saraswat, a third-year student of GNLU and Rishika Srivastava of Gujarat University, will offer courses on enforcement of fundamental rights, Hindu Marriage Act, validity of contracts in India, legal provisions for the protection of girls , principles of natural justice, schools of jurisprudence, negotiable instruments act, Indian partnership Act and liabilities under torts.

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The courses are hospitable all and there’s no age bar or requirement of previous education in law. Anyone with knowledge of English and who is keen to find out can enroll for these courses. The duration of every course is of 1 month. quite 2500 people have already registered for the courses,” said Saraswat.

Interestingly, TLL is funded by the Gujarat government under the scholar Start-up & Innovation Policy (SSIP). quite 40 interns are already working with TLL, which is reviewing another quite 600 internship applications. “We have engaged with professors at different National Law Universities (NLUs) to supply these online courses. within the second phase, we’ll launch an open access, free e-Journal Indian National Law Review”, officials said.


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ITLs (Instructor Led Training)

Greater adaptability to learner’s needs.

More variety in learning experience with the utilization of multimedia and therefore the non-verbal presentation of teaching material.

E-seminars, case-based discussion, journal clubs, discussion on surgical techniques; clinico- epidemiological presentations are often very effectively conducted using these virtual classrooms.

It is commonly accepted that the initial cost of an eLearning implementation is dear (once-off development cost), but that the value of coaching (per user) goes down exponentially as more learners use the eLearning course material.

The government has been touting online classes as a viable alternative, but unequal and patchy access to the web has meant the experience is vastly different counting on location and household income.

According to a National Sample Survey report, 90 lakh students studying within the country’s government schools haven’t any facility for online education. 24 percent of households are connected to the web through smartphones, and only 11 percent have a computer with an online connection, while things in rural India is worse.
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