Keep these 7 things in your purse, never lose money, your wallet will always be full

Who doesn’t want money and fame? But the bad condition of the planets and constellations in the horoscope does not allow some people to become financially dominant. As a result, money does not come in handy. People seem to be obsessed with pies. The Scriptures show some surefire ways to deal with such problems. Which means you never run out of money either. And Lakshmi’s grace will remain in the treasury forever.

Red colored paper
This is an infallible remedy. He needs a red paper. Write your wish on a piece of paper, tie it with silk thread and keep it in your purse. Doing so will fulfill all your desires.

In the scriptures both grain and wealth are said to be one and the same. If you keep a few grains of rice in your purse, it reduces false expenses and never runs out of money.

Photo of Lakshmi in
Keep a photo of mother Lakshmi in your purse. In which he is in a seated posture. It never runs out of money.

Pipal leaf
In Hinduism, both pipal leaves and tulsi are revered. The Vastu Shastras state that, always carry a pipe leaf in your purse. In the auspicious moment after inviting the peepal leaf, keep it with the notes in the purse. Doing so will always keep the purse full of money. There will never be financial trouble in times of need.

Silver coins
If you have a silver coin, it is worthwhile to keep it in your purse. But keep in mind that before putting gold or silver coins in a purse, keep it at the feet of Lakshmi in the temple at home.

Glass or knife

According to astrology, a piece of glass or a small knife should be kept in a purse. This remedy is also helpful in wealth growth. Apart from that you can also keep Gomti Chakra in your purse.

Having Rudraksha removes poverty and increases wealth. You should always keep Rudraksha in your home safe or closet.

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