Ladli Laxmi Yojana 2020

Opportunity to make daughter’s future brighter: Govt’s scheme will get Rs 1 lakh, find out how to get benefits

Ladli Laxmi Yojana: Ladli Laxmi Yojana 2020 was launched by the Government of Madhya Pradesh for the secure future of daughters.

The purpose of this scheme is to strengthen the future of the daughters, to help them financially in their studies. Under this scheme economic incentives are given to strengthen women and improve the ratio of daughters.

Ladli Lakshmi Yojana
It may be recalled that the Ladli Lakshmi Yojana was launched by the Madhya Pradesh Government on April 1, 2007. Many families will benefit from this scheme.

Under the Ladli Lakshmi Yojana, the government buys a National Savings Certificate (NSC) of Rs. 6,000 per annum from the birth of the daughter for the next five years and renews it from time to time. The government spends a total of 30 thousand rupees in the name of the daughter.

Benefits of Ladli Lakshmi Yojana
Under this scheme, the state government pays Rs. 2000 to the daughter at the time of admission in Std. 6 and Rs. 4000 at the time of admission in Std. At the same time, Rs. 7500 is given with admission in standard 11 and when the daughter reaches the age of 18, she is paid more than Rs. 1 lakh. However, the money will be given at the time of her marriage.

Terms of Ladli Lakshmi Yojana


The benefit of this scheme will be available only to the natives of Madhya Pradesh. Also, if the mother or father has adopted family planning on the birth of another daughter, he / she will be eligible for this scheme. Daughters who drop out of school will not get the benefit of this scheme. Only those living below the poverty line can register for the Ladli Lakshmi Yojana.

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