Late at night in Kubernagar, a dilapidated building collapsed like a palace of cards, a body was found in the rubble

 અમદાવાદમાં : અમદાવાદમાં ગત વર્ષે એક જૂનવાણી મકાન ધરાશાયી થવાની કરૂણાંતિકા સર્જાઈ હતી જેમાં પરિવારે જિંદગી ગુમાવી હતી. આ ઘટના બાદ પણ ન જાગેલા તંત્રએ એક જૂનવાણી મકાન સમયસર ખાલી ન કરાવતા અમદાવાદના કૂબેરનગરમાં કરૂણાંતિકા સર્જાઈ છે. આ દુર્ઘટનામાં એક વ્યક્તિનો જીવ ગયો છે, જ્યારે બે વ્યક્તિનો બચાવ થયો છે.

The incident took place just after 12.00pm, according to the fire brigade’s controlroom. The lives of the other two would have been in danger if the rescue operation had not been carried out in time.

AHMEDABAD: An old house collapsed in Ahmedabad last year in which a family lost their lives. Even after this incident, the system which did not wake up did not vacate an old building in time, creating a tragedy in Kubernagar, Ahmedabad. One person was killed and two others were rescued.

Two to three people were feared to have been crushed when an antique building collapsed like a palace of cards late at night in Kubernagar. The picture became clearer early in the morning amid disruptions to the debris removal work that began in the dark of night.

According to the details received, the building complex was similar. In which the details of having shops below have come up. According to the corporation this was dilapidated. The incident took place just after 12.00pm in the control room of the fire brigade.

The building was located near the gate of Kubernagar. It is estimated to be in a large space from the debris of the building. After the bodies were found in the rubble, the relatives started crying.


Work to remove debris from the building also began early in the morning. Work was underway to remove debris from the building with the help of bulldozers and cutters. Crowds of people thronged the place late at night. Fear has also spread among people living in other old buildings around the area.

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