Murder of an 11-year-old teenager in a fight to transfer points in a pub game


Akash strangled his 19-year-old friend to death after he had an altercation with an 11-year-old boy named Akash over playing a pubji game in Pandesara. Akash was the only son of the family. Police have registered a case of kidnapping and murder and are investigating the killer. The deceased had an altercation over the transfer of points from the killer’s ID in the Pubji game.

After killing Akash, the killer Aman Suresh Shivahar (Jeevandeep Sosa, Pandesara, originally from Jharkhand) fled with the body under the bed in his house. The corpse was seen at night when the killer’s roommate went to pick up a bed sheet from his job. The roommate informed the neighbor that they had been rushed. The killer came with the family of the deceased to search for the teenager.

Samples are taken to investigate physical abuse
Preliminary investigations have revealed that Tupo was strangled to death. Apart from this, samples have been taken to check whether the child has been poisoned due to foam coming out of his mouth. Samples have also been taken to check whether the child has been physically abused. Which will become clear after the report arrives. – Dr. Ganesh Govekar, Head of Forensic Department, New Civil

First person: ‘Mommy make paratha, let me play in 15 minutes or so’ The sky never came out
I am Santosh Ajay Tiwari Pandesara of Gujarat Housing Board renting in Hiranagar. My son Aakash left home at 11 a.m. and told my wife, “Mommy, make me a paratha for me.


I’ll play for 15 minutes or so.” Not getting any information about it till 6 pm I went to Pandesara police station, police took complaint at 9.30 pm. During the search, a man took us to a room where there was a corpse in the sky under the bed. Next month Akash decided to give a bicycle as a gift on his birthday, – the father of the deceased

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