Rajkot: Bootleggers try new technique for alcohol trafficking, even police surprised

 હરિન માત્રાવાડિયા, અંકિત પોપટ, રાજકોટ :  આમતો લોકડાઉન બાદ બુટલેગર (Bootleggers) દારૂની(Liquor) હેરાફેરી માટે અલગ અલગ નુસ્ખા અજમાવી રહ્યા છે ત્યારે અત્યાર સુધીમાં દૂધના ટેન્કરમાં, કારમાં અને અન્ય વાહનોમાં અલગ અલગ રીતે ચોર ખાનું બનાવી તેમાં દારૂ છુપાવવામાં આવતો હોય છે, અને બાદમાં દારૂની હેરાફેરી કરવામાં આવતી હોય છે.

Rajkot: Bootleggers try new technique for alcohol trafficking, even police surprised

Bootleggers smuggle alcohol into milk tankers and other vehicles

Harin Matrawadia, Ankit Popat, Rajkot: While bootleggers are trying different tricks for alcohol smuggling after the lockdown, so far alcohol has been hidden in milk tankers, cars and other vehicles. And the latter are rigged with alcohol.

At this time, from Rajkot (Rajkot) Shapar Veraval, the police have also come across a case of smuggling of oil in a truck under an oil barrel. Rajkot Local Crime Branch has speeded up the truck based on the information. The truck was carrying barrels of oil which initially appeared to be rigged, but Rajkot police were also shocked when police unloaded a barrel from the truck.

Initially, the oil barrels in the truck were empty, but later the oil barrel was further examined and a hole was made in the bottom of the barrel in which the amount of alcohol was hidden.

Currently, the police have arrested two suspects from Shapar Veraval with a quantity of liquor worth Rs 16 lakh. Police have arrested Surendra Gora and Rajkumar Bairagi from Haryana. In addition, foreign liquor worth Rs 16 lakh, iron barrels, trucks and a total of more than Rs 26 lakh have been seized. Further investigation is underway.


When the truck was stopped by the police, the driver’s interrogation revealed that it was an iron barrel filled with oil. After an in-depth investigation, the police fitted an iron plate bolt inside the iron barrel under which a quantity of liquor was being smuggled.

Updated: August 29, 2020 — 7:52 am

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