Saurashtra’s largest call center busted with US citizens

The detainees were extorting money by threatening to block American citizens by calling them and blocking their social security numbers.

Harin Matravadia, Rajkot: While the city has already caught call centers cheating with foreign nationals, now the Rajkot Crime Branch has cracked down on gangs operating Saurashtra’s largest ever call center. Police have arrested nine accused of the gang. Devendra alias Nano, the ringleader of the gang, has started searching. These people were extorting money by calling American citizens and threatening to block their social security numbers. For this, they used to send voice messages to five-six thousand people at a time and use special software.

How were the crimes committed? : Devendra, the accused in this crime, got the mobile number and data of the American citizens and gave it to Chiku as a loan. From this Dhiren office laptop on this number ‘Your social security number will be canceled as you are working illegally. The local police have given us this information. You will be prosecuted. ‘ Asked to press a number for more details if not to make the case. In doing so, they seized વા 100-200 gift vouchers from U.S. citizens. The call center operators were sending voice messages to five to six thousand people at a time. Used special software for this. Which made the American citizen think that this message came to him locally.

Significantly, the police have so far arrested nine out of ten accused. Police are now investigating whether these people are involved in any other criminal activity and how much money has been defrauded by these people so far.


The arrested accused are: 1) Dhiren alias Chiku Katua, Mumbai 2) Sumer Solanki, Mumbai 3) Vikram Gupte, Mumbai 4) Atul Istwala, Haryana 5) Irshad Ali, South Delhi 6) Deepti Narayan Beast, Mumbai. The other three accused are minors. Devendra alias Nano, the mastermind of the case, is out of police custody. All the accused were running a call center at the Alpha Plus complex on the 150-foot ring road in Rajkot city. A total of more than three lakh items including laptops, computers and headphones have been seized from them.

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