The world’s largest toy museum to be set up near Gift City in Gandhinagar, to be completed at a cost of over Rs 1,000 crore

The world’s largest toy museum to be set up near Gift City in Gandhinagar, to be completed at a cost of over Rs 1,000 crore

The most important point the Prime Minister made in his 68th Mann Ki Baat today was to make indigenous toys for the country’s children and increase participation in the global toy market. Recently the central government has taken a number of decisions for indigenous toys. In which indigenous toys will be promoted.

At that time, the world’s largest Bal Bhavan is going to be constructed in Gujarat. The Gujarat government has completed land acquisition near Gandhinagar Gift City for the Bal Bhavan project. Land has been allotted to Children’s University for Bal Bhavan. Gift City has been allotted 30 acres of land between Shahpur village and Ratanpur village.

Irrigation of the sacrament will happen with a joke
According to sources, the project will cost around Rs 1,500 crore and will be completed in a short span of 5 years. The main attraction of this Bal Bhavan will be the Toys Museum built here. The museum will display more than 1.1 million ancient and modern toys brought from all over the country.

Children’s University will educate children through sports through toys showing scientists, artists, martyrs, great men, spacecraft, various missiles, EVM machines, the freedom struggle of 1857, the war against the British.

Special instructions given by PM Modi
On August 22, Prime Minister Narendra Modi convened a special meeting in which he directed the Children’s University at Gandhinagar to make a detailed presentation on the project in the next two months. After the plan prepared by the Children’s University was approved by the PM, PM Modi himself will come to Gujarat for the Bhumi Pujan of Bal Bhavan.

Children’s University will build the personality
In a special remark at the August 22 meeting, PM Modi said that Children’s University could play an important role in building personality. Children’s University puts as much energy into it as possible. All ministries were also instructed to provide supplementary assistance in the project.

What will be special in Bal Bhavan (Toy Museum)
Budget: A total budget of Rs. 1500 crore has been allotted for Bal Bhavan
Land: 30 acres of land allotted to Children’s University
Time: 5 years will complete the construction work
Venue: Near Gandhi Nagar Gift City

Emphasis will be placed on different experiments in science

The Bal Bhavan to be built near Gift City Gandhinagar will focus on experiments in various sciences based on biology, chemistry and physics. Also, Gujarati, Hindi and English will create three medium schools. Children’s University will design its own curriculum.

A world class laboratory will be set up in the syllabus of students interested in science from standard 1 to 12 so that they can do practical study of scientific subjects including space science, computer science, nano technology, agronomy. Students will be able to take additional classes if they have to learn the language. A large hostel and a multi-storey administrative building will be constructed for the students.

Indian Games will be developed
The trend of playing online games has increased a lot among the youth. These various mental distorting online games often prove to be life threatening. Indian online games will be launched against such foreign games. In which emphasis will be laid on Indian characters.

PM Modi has a special interest in this project
A special virtual meeting on August 22 was attended by PM Narendra Modi, Union Ministers Nitin Gadkari, Smriti Irani, Piyush Goyal, Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal and the Principal Secretary of the concerned department. In this meeting, the Chancellor of the only Children’s University from Gujarat, Dr. Harshad Shah was present. Expressing personal interest in the project to the Prime Minister, Dr. Gave direct instructions to the Shah.

The help of DRDO will be sought
Children’s University will develop toy science. Cultural and science-promoting toys will be produced here after psychological research. The history and significance behind the toys that children in different states and villages of the country play with will be explained. With the help of DRDO and ISRO, electronic, battery and solar based small vehicles, earth missiles, Agni missiles, satellites etc. will be manufactured.

The world’s largest toy museum in America
The world’s largest Toys Museum is located in the state of Missouri, USA. The museum has more than one million antique and modern toys on display. The toy museum has been set up in 7 different sections in an area of ​​about 30 thousand square meters.

The venture will shatter China’s toy market
China trades Rs 2,500 crore worth of toys in India every year. So many toys are imported to India every year. Experts say the government has a plan to break the Chinese toy market through Children’s University. There are also plans to encourage Indian manufacturers to produce toys.


The project will be prepared under the direct supervision of PM Modi
The blueprint of Bal Bhavan is to be prepared and presented to Prime Minister Narendra Modi within the next 2 months. After the plan is approved by the Prime Minister, the construction work of the project will be started with his own hands. Children’s University has sought 100 acres of land from the government for the project.

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