These 5 questions should never be asked of ‘Thanar Dulhan’, because of this the mind is terrified.

These 5 questions should never be asked of ‘Thanar Dulhan’, because of this the mind is terrified.

Marriage is the most beautiful feeling in the life of a young woman, which she is eagerly waiting for. But as this most special moment of his life approaches, he has a strange kind of restlessness in his mind. However, even in the meantime, the bride does not miss any opportunity to keep herself happy. But questions ranging from aunts living in the neighborhood to relatives work to increase rather than alleviate tension.

Yes, in the midst of all the preparations, where the young lady is worried about the upheaval going on in the house, in the meanwhile she is asked a question which has neither an answer nor a reaction. Here are five questions you should never ask a bride to be.

Ready for marriage
First of all, imagine that you are a single bride, whose wedding date is fast approaching. What will be your stress level during this. What if someone asks you if you are ready for marriage? So what do you say to that? Relatives do not hesitate to ask the young woman such questions a few days before the wedding. However why do we forget that the young lady is still surrounded by all kinds of doubts. In that case, your question will only aggravate the problem.

Know how to cook
This question is often asked of the bride-to-be, whether she knows how to cook or not. Until often members of the household cook with him to take his practical test. Think of a bride who doesn’t know how to cook, can’t say no and can’t say no.

Weight also becomes a cause of trouble
If the bride is a little overweight, then the members of the household make fun of her weight. Which makes him feel troubled in his mind. In addition, some relatives do not hesitate to ask if you will fit in the wedding shoes?

Don’t worry about anything
A month before the wedding is the time when a young woman has the pain of leaving her home day and night. Someone in Teva tells him, don’t worry about anything. So think about the effect it will have on his mental health.


Take care of the house
This is one of the most difficult questions for any bride. The answer he has to give is in Hama. But this is something for everyone to think about why they are asked to take care of the house immediately after marriage.

Updated: August 31, 2020 — 2:19 pm

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