This business is going on in Gujarat to make money, without getting caught up in sweet talk on the phone

The Vadodara Cyber ​​Cell has received details that there is a conspiracy going on to get in touch with senior citizens and lonely persons and get caught up in sweet talk. According to the police, after checking the profile of a senior citizen man or woman, a certain group contacts them on social media and then makes the contact more intimate.

The gang consists of young men and women and they present the details of how they are compelled with the photos. Sometimes other people’s photos or morphed photos are also used by the gang. Then there is the trick of sending a gift to a senior citizen by saying sweet words. In order to release a parcel of this gift, different types of fees are paid online and fraud is committed.

An official of Vadodara Cyber ​​Cell said that many such cases of sweet heart scam are happening in Vadodara. But no one comes forward to lodge a complaint for fear of going to Abar.

Do this to avoid sweet heart scams

Here are some tips to help you avoid cyber cell sweet heart scams.
Don’t trust anyone without meeting them in person.
Don’t send gifts or money if you haven’t met in person.

Do not post personal and bank related information online.
Frequently ask questions and check the details of the person you are contacting to have a relationship.
Contact the police immediately if you are repeatedly asked to pay a rupee to accept a gift.

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