Topic: Not to use the valve or filter mask.

 Topic: Not to use the valve or filter mask.


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 Topic: Not to use the valve or filter mask.


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The mask is the only available option when there is no vaccine available to let the above subject or to prevent corona transition. The filter or valve mask is also used by the various types of masks used by the zodiacs, which are not enough protection against corona’s edges.

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The Government of India is given a guide to not use such a mask by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Ministry. So, will ensure that all the zodiac valves or filtered masks in your area are not used. In addition, you will undertake the efforts to spread the folk awareness to not use the valve or filtered mask.

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Warning with the filtered mask of Expert, know how dangerous it is also recommending to wear health experts from the beginning of the corona virus. But British’s television presenter became victims of criticism by fans wearing Alex Bursford masks. Alex uploaded a picture of her own wearing mask on Twitter on Thursday. Then the fans commented its many in the co-box box. The fans wrote in response to this post that Alex wore a face mask to escape from Cochid -19, it is not right. On Thursday, Alex said in an episode of ‘Good Morunig Britain’, I wore a mask while traveling to the cab in London. Even though I want to know what the right way to wear face masks is.


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Alex said, ‘Some people wrote on my photos with face mask that I wore a wrong kind of face mask. Due to the filters in it, he said so. His claims can prevent infections in the air, but if the breath is left out, this mask can not be saved from me. Saying Alax to say that he really is the truth? Should I change my face mask. Bryptan’s health specialist Doctor Good Jaravis In response to this question, Alex said in the Live TV show that the filter mask can be dangerous.


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