Violent fire at Valsad’s Sarigam GIDC color manufacturing company, no casualties

A fire broke out in Valsad’s Sarigam GIDC’s seven-color company early Thursday morning. More than 4 firefighters are currently trying to contain the blaze. Fortunately no one was present in the company as the fire broke out early in the morning and no casualties have been reported so far. The exact cause of the blaze has not yet been determined.

Upon learning of the fire, a fire department team and a local police team rushed to the scene. The only goal of both teams was to prevent the fire from spreading to nearby companies. Fires can be very difficult to control if spread around.

The fire in the paint company was so fierce that plumes of smoke could be seen in the distance. The company had a fire in a quantity of solvent so that the fire could not be easily extinguished by water. So foam is also being used to extinguish this fire.

The owners of the nearby company also rushed to the spot when the fire was reported. However, after hours of struggle, the fire has been brought under control. Another firefighter will be called in if needed.


It may be recalled that on August 8, a fire broke out at a company called Nandan Exim on Narol-Pirana Road in Ahmedabad. In which 17 vehicles of fire brigade reached the spot and efforts were made to control it. No company employee was seriously injured in the incident but one fireman was injured. Who were shifted to the hospital for treatment.

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