Walk-in-interview for GVK EMERGENCY

 Walk-in-interview for GVK EMERGENCY

Walk-in-interview for GVK EMERGENCY

Emergency Management and Research Institute (GVK EMRI) is establish in the disaster Management army in India. As a not – for – profit specialized order in service in the Public-Private joint venture (PPP) mode, GVK EMRI is the leading skilled crisis advantage contributor in India today.
Specialists from Columbia University’s School of Engineering have shown a novel Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printing measure which permits different powders to be sintered in a similar print run. 

By rearranging the laser inside an SLS 3D printer so it focuses upwards, and supplanting its powder bed box with glass plates, the specialists had the option to print with various materials simultaneously. The group’s new procedure empowered them to create upgraded working models containing two distinct polymers inside a similar layer. With the further turn of events, the cycle could be utilized to fabricate a scope of multi-material parts, extending from implanted circuit sheets to robot segments. 

“Our underlying outcomes are energizing,” said John Whitehead who along with Hod Lipson wrote the examination. Whitehead clarifies the outcomes, “allude to a future where any part can be created at the press of a catch, where items going from straightforward devices to more unpredictable frameworks like robots can be taken out from a printer full-grown, without the requirement for gathering.”
Helpline Services
104 (Health Helpline)
181 (Women Helpline and Rescue Vans)
100 (Police Command and Control Center)
1962 (Veterinary Mobile Clinics)
Public Grievance Redressal Helpline
Mother and Child Tracking Facilitation Center
Specific Segment Oriented Focused Services
102 (JSSK Mother and Child Care Pick Up, Drop Back and Inter Facility Transfer)


Mobile Medical Units (Rural Village Health Outreach)
Road Safety Projects ( Road Safety Awareness)
Hearse (Mortuary) Van Services ( for the Poor)
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