You have also received a message to download TikTok.

You have also received a message to download TikTok.

Be careful if you get a message to download TikTok. A link to an apk file called TikTok Pro is going viral. Currently the link to an apk file called TikTok Pro is going viral. People who understand and download Tiktok in the phone. You need to be careful if you also get a message.

Technology Desk: The short video making app TikTok has been banned in India. The government has banned this Chinese app. But messages are coming in different versions to mislead people. Actually some people are getting such ambiguous message. In which it is written that Tiktok has returned to India. And sends a link to an apk file named TikTok Pro in SMS. Tiktok fans seem to be downloading this phone. Doing so could endanger your personal data.

The message reads, ‘TikTok has returned to India. Creative videos can now be recreated with new features. Download New (TikTok v1) from the link below. A link is also provided with this message. Which is an Apk file. Clicking on this link opens the Apk App Store. Where users are downloading it as a real tick. ‘

In most cases opening such a link will require permission to install the phone unkown app. After which the user goes to Settings and turns on the permission. It is getting the option to install and the app is easily working in the phone.

If you download this apk file and run the app, you will not even know how big a threat you have posed. First of all, when a file is not officially present and you use its apk file, you will not be able to find out what modifications have been made in it. This means that it is clear that this app with apk file can easily infiltrate malware, spyware in his phone.


Not only that, whenever a new app is downloaded, the app asks your permission for many things including options like camera, audio, gallery, contacts, location. So if you allow this permission then the developer knows where you are going .. what you are doing. That means the developer gets full access to t’he phones.

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