Your Smartphone Will Be Fast Charged in 10 Minutes, This Chinese Company Is Bringing New Technology

Although not much is being done on battery tech, a lot has been done on fast charging. Xiaomi is working on 200W fast charging. This allows the phone to be fully charged in 10 minutes. Chinese company Xiaomi is working on 200W fast charging technology for that. It could be offered in flagship smartphones in the near future. However, there is no clear timeline.

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A tipster has posted about this technology on the Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo. Work on the 200W fast charging technology is booming, Tipster said.

It could be launched this year with a flagship phone. According to Tipster, Xiaomi is taking a pragmatic approach to that. The company plans to offer a combination of wired wireless charging and 200W fast charging technology.

Removing the charger from the phone box

This is the first time the company has introduced such a 185W fast charging. A combination of 120W with wired, 55W with wireless charging and 10W with reverse charging has been given a combination of 185W. Interestingly, the company is working on 200W charging. While many brands are removing the charger from the phone box. Xiaomi has also not recently charged with the Mi 11. However, the customer was later given the option to choose a charger without any cost.

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Apart from all that, the company is also working on an internal in-folding design phone. There has been no official confirmation from Xiaomi on all this. Earlier, Air Charge technology was introduced by the company. Allowing the device to be charged in the air.

Updated: February 6, 2021 — 7:05 am

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